Alphonso Stephen Johnson

Chief Civil Deputy, Civil Process Division

Alphonso Stephen Johnson is the Chief Civil Deputy at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department’s Civil Process Division.

The Civil Process Division works closely with the courts, state agencies, attorneys and self-representing individuals requiring service of process within the County of Suffolk.  This process is completed by trained, qualified Deputies who serve all legal documents in an effective and professional manner while maintaining an impartial position between each involved party.

Chief Johnson began his career at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department in the Civil Process Division as a records file clerk through the Madison Park Technical Vocational High School job placement program in 1988. With his natural drive to enhance his knowledge and understanding of the Civil Process Division, Stephen was moved to the position of Administrative Assistant. In this role, he was able to learn the process of what identifying legal documents are and what is required to have them served.

In 2006, he was promoted to the role of Enforcement Unit Coordinator, where he oversaw and scheduled all processes such as Civil Arrest, Vehicle and Personal Property Seizures, and Sheriff Sales.  In 2016, he was promoted to Assistant Chief Deputy Sheriff, a role that broadened his responsibility as Enforcement Unit Coordinator to assisting the Chief Civil Deputy in the daily operations of Civil Process.

In 2022, Johnson was elevated to the position of Chief Civil Deputy, entrusted with oversight of the entire operation for the Civil Process Division, which includes all administrative staff and serving deputies.

Stephen earned his Associates in Science degree in 2001 and graduated from Fisher College in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science Management degree.