Training Division

The Training Division conducts a 13-week training academy for each incoming class of officer candidates vying to serve in the Department, the Training Division gives instruction in a variety of custody–specific topics including: the use of force continuum, firearm safety and handling, suicide prevention, courtroom testimony, ethics and professionalism, inmate education, CORI and inmate rights and responsibilities, fire safety, evacuation plans, and general professional subjects which include clear and concise report writing, sexual harassment, general conduct, CPR, interpersonal communications, and more. Cadets also receive physical training and are schooled in multiple defense tactics. The Department has also implemented the practice of mandatory continuous training and retraining on the use of force, due to the atypical nature of the situation, to ensure that officers are well prepared for it.

Non–custody staff is also required to attend in–service training every year to be trained in CPR, First Aid, Emergency Plans, Fire Safety, Suicide Prevention, Report Writing, Classification and Contraband Control, sexual harassment, cultural sensitivity, and Policy Standards, among others.

Specialized training is also conducted on an annual basis for the Department’s award–winning Choice Officer Program.

The Division also provides training for the Department’s Honor Guard, Tactical Response Team, Crisis Negotiation Unit, and K-9 a unit that is frequently requested by various organizations to appear throughout Suffolk County and beyond to display the Colors for community functions, funerals, parades, and events.

The Training Division has instituted regular disaster drills with the participation from other public safety agencies of the Department of Homeland Security, Boston Police Department, Emergency Medical Service, and Boston Fire Department to better prepare for a variety of emergency situations. The Division has also achieved full compliance with Massachusetts General Laws and federal laws, including implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

We also provide specialized training with our task force officers.