Women’s Program Services aims to deliver gender-specific, individualized reintegration programming to both detained and sentenced females at the Suffolk County House of Correction.  All detained and sentenced females are enrolled in a 3-phase program model that begins with Phase 1 or Orientation.

The Orientation is a 2-day overview of the rules and regulations of the Department.  Upon completing Orientation, detained and sentenced females immediately move on to Phase 2 where they participate in 2-weeks of daily psycho-educational workshops addressing 4 main topics: recovery; re-entry (life skills and job skills); domestic violence and anger management.  After receiving a Phase 2 certificate of completion, inmates and detainees participate in the specific treatment programs of Phase 3. 

Considered the main component of Women’s Services, Phase 3 program placement is determined by the results of comprehensive assessments and the development of an Individual Service Plan (ISP).  Each woman receives an ISP at the conclusion of Phase 2 and is subsequently placed into longer-term programming that meets her individual needs.  Phase 3 programs include recovery and relapse prevention; parenting; anger management; domestic violence; Education courses including- HSE(High School Equivalency), Literacy 1 and 2, ESOL(English for Speakers of Other Languages) ; Freedom from Violence; re-entry; creative writing and yoga.