Social Services Programs


Health Realization

Criteria: Any male inmate not in segregation or SHU

Students of this course are taught how to improve their actions and circumstances by becoming aware of themselves and building their own wisdom. Upon completion of this service, inmates also learn about prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and how to live healthier lifestyles. 

Men’s Health

Criteria: Any inmate not in segregation or SHU. Caseworker will facilitate referral

This class teaches inmates about men’s health issues, problems, prevention and care. The focus is didactic information with an emphasis on conducting a more healthy life.  Certificates are given to those who complete 8 weeks of class.


Criteria: Caseworker referral

A three-month open ended course for male inmates who express an interest in learning about meditation.  Meetings are held once a week and participants learn 10 meditation techniques during this class.


Criteria: Referral 

This yoga course offers an opportunity to rewire physical reactions to stress and anger in everyday life. Through confidence building to keep individuals centered, this energetic class gives participants the strength to endure both physical and mental feats.

Parents Helping Parents

Criteria: Caseworker Referral

Parents Helping Parents is a nonprofit organization focused on preventing child abuse by offering free parenting help and support.  With the help and guidance of other parents, participants learn how to strengthen their families through love, hope and respect. 

Family Matters

Criteria: Application

Family Matters is a program committed to helping inmates and their families work toward positive relationships, connect families with community resources and help families prepare for when their loved ones are released.

HIV Services

Criteria: Any inmate eligible for services

This program coordinates and provides all HIV/AIDS and STD services which include prevention, education, counseling, testing and HIV primary care case management.  Aftercare and reintegration planning are also part our services.

Transitional Intervention Project (TIP)

Criteria: High risk HIV positive inmates- Referral from IDA caseworker required

This program screens every week to assist the highest risk HIV positive inmates to prepare for and cope with reintegration.  Intensive case management and housing placement are offered to avert homelessness. 

SPAN, Inc.

Criteria: Caseworker Referral

Span offers a variety of programs to the population at the House of Correction to assist them in achieving healthy, productive and meaningful lives by providing services to support empowerment, recovery and health.  The following programs are offered by Span: Pathways to Employment, Case Management, Harm Reduction support and peer groups.

Addictions Counselor Education Program (ACEP)

Through UMASS Boston two courses are taught as trainings to become substance abuse counselors. These two trainings provide students with focused skill-building curriculum to deliver successful substance abuse and chemical dependency programming. Upon completion of this course a pathway to become ACEP certified is available upon completing three more courses.