Investigative Division

The Sheriff’s Investigative Division (SID) has adopted standardized background investigation protocols to ensure the thoroughness and effectiveness of the screening process and has a continuing training program for staff investigators to enhance their value and effectiveness. The program focuses upon improvement of skills in crime scene preservation, evidence and data collection/organization, interviewing, interrogations and intelligence gathering and analysis.

Another crucial achievement through the Sheriff’s Department has been the removal of artificial communications barriers within and outside of the Division by the advocacy and practice of a team approach in all contact and dealings among the Sheriff’s Investigative Division, Gang Investigative Unit (GIU), Classification Division and Office of the General Counsel. These efforts have included an aggressive search for collaborative opportunities with other public or private agency resources and have been utilized to the Division’s advantage. The success of these initiatives is exemplified by the enhanced positive relationship between SID, GIU and Boston Police Department in information exchange and sharing. The improved relationship between the agencies has been invaluable. Additionally, SID and GIU staffs have jointly attended classes sponsored by the Northeast Gang Investigators Association and have participated in 3–4 day Reid Technique Interview and Interrogation courses of international renown. Refresher training has been provided to investigative personnel to ensure legal compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).

The Division is engaged in the acquisition and installation of a new audio/video monitoring system at the House of Correction and the Nashua Street Jail interview rooms to ensure legal compliance as it relates to the continuous taping of inmate/detainee interviews.