Men’s Therapeutic Community

Criteria:  History of substance abuse and willingness to commit three months to recovery

The “Men’s Recovery Unit” is a public safety treatment model with an emphasis on group/individual accountability and “right living.”  This program is designed to deal with addict-offenders who are referred to the recovery program through the Classification Department.

Reintegration Unit

The 1-2-1 re-entry/reintegration unit provides information and opportunities for change, focuses on discharge planning and program information for inmates not involved in other re-entry programs and exposes inmates with short sentences to information and self help principals. 

Beyond Prison

Criteria:  Caseworker referral

Beyond Prison highlights personal accountability and recognizing all actions have consequences. The ultimate goal is preventative, harm reduction and changing thinking.


Narcotics Anonymous

Criteria: Voluntary meetings open to all inmates not in segregation or SHU

An open discussion meeting conducted by NA sponsor(s) and participants approved by the Department which encourages participants to share their stories concerning their drug use.