seniorSenior Identification

The Sheriff’s Department mission is to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth and to serve and protect the citizens of Suffolk County. Certain segments of the population become targets for unscrupulous individuals. Seniors are often targets of schemes involving consumer fraud. The most important weapon you can have in the fight against crime and fraudulent activity is to be armed with knowledge. Thus, the Sheriff’s Department provides seniors with a brochure containing many useful tips to help them recognize the warning signs of criminal activity.

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department offers three key public safety initiatives to senior residents of Suffolk County.

Senior Identification

The Sheriff’s Department Senior ID program provides seniors with an identification card that can be used as a second form of identification and also has contact and medical information if an emergency situation arises.

Crime Prevention Tips for Seniors

This Department issued brochure, geared towards seniors, contain many useful tips to help seniors recognize the warning signs of criminal activity.

Safety in Numbers

The Safety in Numbers Program is designed to provide seniors of Suffolk County with high definition numbered plaques that can be affixed to the front and back of their homes. The purpose of the plaques is to assist family, friends and especially emergency personnel such as paramedics, police and firefighters to quickly locate the proper address when called upon.