Lakia Jones

Chief of Staff and Chief of Operations and Planning

Lakia Jones is the Chief of Staff and the Chief of Operations and Planning for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department (SCSD).

Joining the SCSD in July of 2003 as an Employee Relations Manager, Lakia held oversight of Detail Administration, Internal and External Deputizations, the Tracking Personnel Division Hotline, and assisted the Department with the Worker’s Compensation process.

In 2007, Lakia became the Deputy Director of Operations and Planning. Later, in 2015, she was named Director of Operations and Planning, and in 2018, Lakia became the Chief of Operations and Planning.

In March of 2023, Lakia was appointed to serve as the Chief of Staff, a position that oversees the External Affairs, Human Resources, Financial Services, and Initiatives and Enterprise Divisions.

The Operations and Planning Division oversees the development of departmental goals and objectives for the SCSD. This division coordinates and manages major capital improvements, construction, and preventative maintenance projects for the safety and security of the SCSD, and works closely with the Maintenance Division, Engineering and Fire Safety, ensuring that protocols and standards are met.  Operations and Planning acts as a liaison to the Division of Capital Assest Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) in obtaining Administration & Finance and deferred maintenance funding for major projects, in addition to preparing, tracking, and signing-off on financial expenditures for the SCSD.

Lakia manages and directs all operations and planning projects and activities, and participates in the design and development of multi-agency projects with other agencies throughout the Commonwealth to ensure that the goals of the SCSD are met, in addition to establishing relationships with various construction agencies for coordination of present and future projects.

Lakia is part of National Facilities Management/Building Operations Development, and is OSHA 10 and Safety Certified.  In 2019, she successfully completed the Mass Facilities Management Association New Technology Facility Maintenance certification program, and in 2021, she was acknowledged as “Star Performer” by DCAMM Commissioner Carol Gladstone for managing 28 delegated completed deferred maintenance projects over the course of five years.

Prior to her service to the Department, Lakia worked at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office as a Payroll Director/Human Resources Assistant processing payroll for over 300 employees, problem solving, processing employees’ accrued time and attendance, facilitating orientation events, and working with new hires as well as terminations.  From 2002 to 2003, she worked with May Company as a Benefits Administrator where she handled benefits for all Kaufmann Store employees; investigated claims; and processed insurance benefits, reimbursements and overpayments.